Amazon FBA stands for Fulfilled by Amazon – service that gives the brands so many perspectives. Fulfillment is the process of storing, packing, and shipping orders as well as handling returns and exchanges. Effective, reliable e-commerce fulfillment delights customers. With FBA, you send your products to Amazon’s fulfillment centers, and Amazon picks, packs, ships, and provides customer service for those products. You save time and efforts dealing with each order and each customer. Moreover you rank better in Buy Box and your service is more trustworthy to customers being provided by Amazon.

What the process is?

  • Step 1 – First you send your products to Amazon’s fulfillment center (there are prior prerequisites that you have to take into account);
  • Step 2 – Then Amazon receives and stores your items in their fulfillment center. Your listings become active and ready for sales.
  • Step 3 – Next come the customers’ orders – after an order is being made, Amazon takes care for all the process from picking and packing to delivering.
  • Step 4 – Amazon handles also the customer support, returns, feedback (regarding shipping service and order condition).

FBA Benefits

You know the cost

All fulfillment and shipping costs included (pick, pack and ship). Moreover, you use the Amazon discounted shipping rates.

Great care for customers

24/7 Amazon customer service, including returns and refunds because they are considered part of the fulfillment process.

You get the Prime badge

With FBA you earn the Prime badge on your listing, Prime shipping times and access to millions of prime users.

Omnichannel Fulfillment

With Multi-Channel Fulfillment Service you can sell your products on various platforms and channels and Amazon fulfill them.


Your Inventory Performance Dashboard displays your Inventory Performance Index (IPI) score together with additional important factors. You have to check your IPI score regularly because a low score can bring you troubles – you may have overage fees and you may not be able to send more inventory.

In a moment when you come to excess inventory, you will have to take the difficult decision to lower the total price of your listings or remove slow moving inventory. Excess inventory leads you to higher storage fees and lowers your space for new well-selling inventory. Watch below the Amazon video: “What is FBA’s Manage Excess Inventory?”

This tool helps you to find out how much inventory you have in the Amazon fulfillment centers and how long it have been there. Also checking regularly the inventory age tool, you will be able to avoid long-term storage fees. Watch below the Amazon video: “What is FBA Sell-through rate?”

Stranded inventory is inventory in a fulfillment center that does not have an active offer on Amazon.  For example, the listing for that product may be suppressed, or may have never been created, or there might be a pricing error all of this resulting in a stored inventory that is accumulating storage fees, but cannot be sold because the listing is not active. You need to keep an eye on fix stranded inventory tool and resolve errors where they appear. If your inventory is in fulfillment centers without an associated active listing, it’s not available for purchase. Watch below the Amazon video: “What is FBA’s Stranded Inventory Percentage?”

The next tool in the FBA Inventory Manage page is regarding the FBA inventory that you keep in stock that is key to offering fast delivery to Amazon’s customers. This restock tools can help you get more orders, prevent you to run out of stock, keeps your sales rank and keep you away from excess inventory. Watch below the Amazon video: “What is In-stock Rate?”

All those tools offer recommendations based on your sales history, demand forecast and seasonality, and help you determine how much inventory to send and when to send it. They are free to use, and directly integrated into your Seller Central’s account.

Manage excess inventory

Track inventory age

Fix stranded inventory

Restock inventory


Analysis of FBA possibilities

It is of great importance knowing the requirements for participation in the Amazon FBA program, including fees and costs. We will prepare a deep analysis of your products FBA possibilities including estimated sales and profits.

Order management​

We can manage your orders instead of you. We will provide detailed report on your fulfilled orders, items sold, customer returns and thus you will also quickly and efficiently see trends in your business.

Inventory management

We will take care for your inventory to be regularly updated and well-stocked. We will keep an eye on your inventory adjustments, customer returns, shipment discrepancies and removal orders.

FBA shipment management

We can manage the whole process of your FBA shipments - from their creation based on your inventory statistics to tracking, items receiving and communication with Amazon in cases of discrepancies.

Account management

We can regularly follow your Performance metrics - Account health parameters, Policy compliance and notifications, Feedback and Voice of the customers plus we can handle your support tickets. We can even deal with your FBA reimbursements if you have any.

Stats and Reports

We will regularly keep you informed for your sales, profits, inventory levels, account parameters and statistics.

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