Amazon launches new feature within Campaign Manager – Budget page*

Optimising your campaigns to help stay in budget throughout the day can be an important and influential factor in the success of your campaigns. That’s why Amazon has made it easy for you to review and optimize your campaign budgets, with the new feature – budgets page (beta). You can find the new feature Budget Page (Beta) in the “Budgets” tab under the “All campaigns” menu in Campaign Manager.

What is budgets page (beta)?

Budgets page (beta) is a new feature within Campaign Manager that shows you the performance and potential of your campaigns.This page includes brand new estimated “missed” metrics about your launched campaigns, which are estimates of the potential your campaign could have achieved, if it had stayed in budget for longer.

You can choose between two types of budget rules:

  • Schedule- Increases your budget during high-traffic times or specific date ranges
  • Performance – Increases your budget for return on ad spend (ROAS), advertising cost of sale (ACOS), click-through rate (CTR) or conversion rate (CVR). Be aware that this rule will be ineligible until the daily budget is at least €10.00.

For the Budget rule period Amazon recommends the increase of the budget to be with 50%

Why is it useful to me?

These metrics include estimated missed impressions, estimated missed clicks, estimated missed sales, average time in budget and recommended budgets. We also provide budget recommendations to help minimise the chance of your campaign running out of budget.

What is the benefit?

When your campaigns run out of budget, it means your advertised products cannot be seen by customers. By staying in budget for longer, your campaigns have the opportunity to reach shoppers searching for items similar to yours, and can help to increase the likelihood of a click or a sale.

Advertisers who ran out of budget during 2020 missed 2.1X additional sales on average, compared to advertisers who didn’t run out of budget.

*All the information in this post is provided by Amazon.