We’re not competitor obsessed, we’re customer obsessed. We start with what the customer needs and we work backwards.

Jeff Bezos


24/7 Customer support

You are obliged to reply to customers messages within 24 hours and there is no day off nor a holiday.


Feedback and Reviews

Amazon feedback is a critical part of being successful as a seller on Amazon. The feedback is seller-focused; whereas, Amazon reviews are product-focused.


Customer Service performance

Amazon is very strict on good customer service measuring it with Order Defect rate. It must be under 1 % otherwise your account may be suspended.


Customer Returns and Refunds

Amazon’s return policies allow for the return of new, unopened items within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. You are required to accept those returns and provide a refund, in accordance with Amazon Returns Policy.


Customer Service Performance

Buyer satisfaction is critical for business growth and is directly correlated to a high seller feedback rating. Your Customer Service Rating represents of the quality of your service and an indication on whether Buyers would be likely to purchase from you again.

High Customer Service Ratings are correlated with repeat purchases. Low Customer Service Ratings are correlated with negative seller feedback.

An order has a defect if it results in negative feedback, an A-to-z Guarantee claim that is not denied, or a credit card chargeback.


Voice of the Customer

The Voice of the Customer dashboard is a hub where you can use feedback from customers to optimize your products and listings. From this dashboard, you can review the Customer Experience (CX) Health of your offers, read customer comments, identify product and listing issues, and act to resolve problems.

CX Health is a metric that helps you understand how each of your offers is performing relative to similar offers, based on your recent orders and customer feedback about your products.

Knowing your offers’ CX Health will help you identify issues such as mislabeled, damaged, or defective products and inaccurate or incomplete detail pages. If you identify problems, you can take action to fix them. Negative customer experiences stemming from delivery problems don’t affect the CX Health of your offers.

CX Health is determined by comparing your offer’s negative customer experience (NCX) rate with those of similar offers. The NCX rate is the number of orders for which the customer reported a product or listing issue divided by total orders. NCX rates and CX Health are available only on offers that have had a recent sale. If an offer is new or if there have been no recent sales, you won’t see an NCX rate or CX Health. The Last updated date for each offer shows the last date on which there was either an order or a negative customer experience.


24/7 Customer support

We can take care for your customer messages 24/7. We know the importance of buyer satisfaction as a key factor for your business growth.

Feedback and Reviews

We can keep track on your feedbacks and do our best to resolve negative feedbacks communicating directly with customers.

Customer Service performance

We can revise your Customer Service Performance and the Voice of the customer page on daily bases - taking immediate steps on resolving issues and skipping future problems.

Customer Returns and Refunds

We can manage your returns and refunds on your behalf. We will keep track on your inventory condition and contact Amazon where needed.

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