Multi-Channel Fulfillment

Fast shipping

Deliver your products as quickly as 1, 2, or 3-5 business days after their ship date. Orders are delivered every day of the week.

Connect to your channels

Automate your fulfillment through pre-built applications or directly through our APIs. Streamline your inventory management with pooled inventory.

Transparent delivery promises

Improve sales conversion by sharing Amazon-backed delivery dates with customers based on their location and order items.

Low fulfillment costs

MCF has just one fee for pick, pack, and ship.

Simplified operations

Get products closer to customers with automatic inventory placement, and scale to meet seasonal spikes without increasing your fixed costs.

Fully trackable orders

Easily share shipment confirmation and tracking details for any carrier with MCF's tracking website.

probably a perfect Solution for your business!

Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) provides ecommerce fulfillment for businesses of all sizes. MCF helps you grow by giving you access to the world’s largest fulfillment network, with 150 fulfillment centers in the US and 175 globally. Gain operational expertise and enjoy fast ship speeds for all of your orders from wherever they’re placed.

how you fulfill your orders

In order to make the Amazon fulfillment network efficient, Amazon inbound uses storage-type-level restock limits for products you send to a fulfillment center. The limits are based on your past and forecasted sales. To see the maximum amount of each storage type you can ship, you have to check the “Restock Limits monitor”.

After an order is being placed on your sales channel, you have to fulfill the order through Amazon manually or using an API. You have to select the shipping service that better fits the customers expectations.

Depending on what service you have chosen – Priority – 1 business day; Expedited – 2 business days; Standard – 3-5 business days, Amazon picks, packs and fulfills your order.

Don’t forget to finish your order and confirm the tracking information to the customer – again this can happen manually or synced with API. You can track all the time the order ensuring customer receives it on time and in perfect condition.

what is the difference between MCf and FBA?

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is the better solution compared to costs. In addition, Amazon handles all shipment issues, covers the customer support and takes care for negative feedback (a very important part of your business). Regular customers are eligible for free standard shipping (3 – 5 business days) and Prime customers have the 2-day free shipping.

Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) is different. Main purpose of this service is to use Amazon services to fulfill orders from other channels but all you pay is on higher level. With this service, you can offer your customers 1-day, 2-day, or standard (3-5 business day) delivery options. And you store your items on one place.


Analysis of MCF possibilities​

Important part of the order fulfillment is the acknowledgement of Amazon selling policies, fees and requirements. Not knowing this prerequisites may lead to suspension of your selling privileges.

Order management​

We can manage your orders instead of you. We are aware which service providers to use to follow Amazon selling policies, how to maintain your Order defect rate in good condition, how to maintain your On-time delivery rate. Not taking care for your rates may lead to suspension of your selling privileges.

Customer Service

Essential part of your order fulfillment is the correct customer support. Receiving negative feedbacks and having unsatisfied customers will lead to less orders and in some moment may reflect your selling account.

Stats and Reports

Managing your orders, we will keep you informed for your fulfilled orders, numbers, inventory levels, also you will quickly and efficiently see trends in your business.

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