What does an optimized Amazon product listing page looks like?

Most crucial for your sales are your products’ listings – category, product title, product description, images, bullets, rank, feedback, – so many factors! Are you aware of what keywords you have to add in? Do you have the answers?

Amazon is a huge platform with billion of product pages and customers. You want to be on the top search page for your product but you don’t know that there are several factors for this and that Amazon has its own algorithm to control the search engines. Doing your SEO right will make the difference between 20 sales and 2000 sales.

Тo optimize your product listing, it’s useful for sellers to know what keywords they are targeting and ranking for. The misuse of keywords in a product listing is a common Amazon seller mistake. You should only use keywords that are relevant. Keywords can be added to your title and/or your product features.

Factors for Amazon listing optimization

Amazon listing optimization is the process of upgrading product pages to improve their search visibility, click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate (CR) and finally generate more sales.

1. Product Category​

The product category is crucial for the correct positioning of your products and for its search visibility. If you add your product to the corresponding category, your customers will be able  to find and buy your product! If you don’t, this will reflect your sales.

4. Keywords

For a product to appear in the Amazon search, the product listing must contain the searched keyword. Without it, the customer will not see your product. The first rule in keyword optimization, therefore, is simple: Include all the relevant keywords on your product page.

2. Product Title and Images

Your title is the first thing that the customer will see when gets to your listing. The content in the title must be well optimized and provide valuable information for your product thus, make the customer click on your product. Your images are one of the elements that are used by your customer to judge your product. The right image gives better visual perception of your product and may attract or repel the customer.

5. Amazon Product Reviews and Ratings

Reviews are a crucial part of your product listings’ rankings. Amazon is very focused on reviews because they know that good reviews encourage people to convert. Reviews will help you better optimize your product pages. You can appear higher in search results by obtaining positive reviews.

3. Product Description

If the customer is interested in your product, he will definitely read the product description. Here you must include all benefits and important features of your product and make the customer wish your product. Integrate target keywords to help your page rank for other relevant keywords.

6. Amazon Buy Box

If you want to make more sales you therefore need to win the Buy Box. There are two factors that play a significant role in getting into the Buy Box: the price and the seller performance metrics (reliability, product quality and performance to Amazon).


Analysis of your product

We can analyze your product and advice you on your product opportunities, based on product category, ranking, buy box and reviews.

Product listing

We can list your products instead of you creating your title, product description and content and most importantly - locating and including the proper keywords.

Reviews collection

We can consult you on the ways and techniques for collecting product reviews and account reviews - such an important part of your selling adventure.

Buy Box Analysis

We can research and provide detailed information why you are not in the buy box and describe opportunities for getting in the buy box.

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