Seller Fulfilled Prime is the Prime fulfillment program that allows you to deliver directly to domestic Prime customers from your own warehouse. By displaying the Prime badge, you are committing to fulfill orders with One-Day delivery at no additional charge for Prime customers. After completing the Seller Fulfilled Prime trial period, your products will be shown with a Prime badge, increasing their visibility to millions of Amazon customers. Through this program, you ship your choice of products via Amazon-approved transportation solutions. This will help you meet the high bar for the Prime customer experience.

This program is particularly recommended for your selection that is not suitable for FBA, as it gives these products the opportunity to be displayed with a Prime badge. The Prime fulfillment solutions are complementary to each other. As your stock evolves, you can mix and match the types of SKUs you sell with the optimal fulfillment solution. When used in combination, the two Prime fulfillment options can make your entire product selection Prime.

Prime members are Amazon’s most loyal customers, and they like to purchase Prime products because of the many associated benefits: guaranteed delivery date, lightning deals and 24/7 customer service in the language of their marketplace. That is why getting your products into Prime translates into increased visibility and desirability for your products, and thus increased sales potential. Other benefits of enrolling in Seller Fulfilled Prime include:

  • Reaching millions of loyal Amazon customers with increased visibility for your products thanks to the Prime badge
  • Competing more effectively for the Buy Box
  • Fulfilling orders from other channels easily.

Prime-badged items are shipped on the same day, with no shipping fee charged to the customer. The cost to you is the cost of the required shipping label, purchased through an approved Seller Fulfilled Prime carrier through Buy Shipping.

"If other businesses can prove that their fulfillment quality is as good as Amazon’s, then they should be allowed to qualify for Prime and ship directly."
Jeff Bezos
Amazon Owner


Trial period

You must pass a trial period between 5 and 90 days, and a minimum of 200 orders,  complying with all requirements.


You must ship the items the same day and use Amazon Buy Shipping services.


You must use an Amazon-supported Seller Fulfilled Prime carrier to deliver orders.

Free Delivery

You must provide standard shipping for free to the customer.


You do not store items at Amazon fulfillment centers – you use your own storage.

Performance metrics

99% valid tracking rate;

97% on-time delivery rate;

Less than 0.5% seller cancellation rate

For all inquires please email: