teamwork is
the better work

Changes in today’s fast developing economy mean that organizations are facing so complex problems that a single individual simply can’t possess all the necessary knowledge and expertise to solve them. Here comes the team members with their unique skills that are not even in the same line of profession that benefits the whole company. The need for effective teamwork is critical for any business to develop and succeed. But how many employees can you afford hiring?

Teamwork can exist outside the company. We see it nowadays with all consultants that assist companies in different fields. Finding the right consultant for each company and for the specific project is the key factor for success and sustainable development.

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why you need
a consultant

Hiring a consultant is an investment in the success of your business. Your consultant will use his experience and expertise to assist you in achieving your business goals, avoiding common mistakes and mainly save you lots of time. A small to medium sized companies cannot afford many employees to cover all the work needed. That is why hiring a consultant will also save you money.

Time is money

Time is money, time is never enough, work needs to be done. Managing and maximizing the use of time within a company is crucial in long term. If a business is taking into new directions, its management may not be capable of dealing with all new issues and challenges. Mistakes after being caught may cost significant amount of money – no need of that. Yes, hiring a consultant may seem expensive and the initial results may not be so great, but the improved efficiency and productiveness of your business will make it worth every money spent in long term. Through their expertise and experience consultants will overall save you money, save time in your processes and will prevent you taking wrong steps that hinder the efficiency of your business.

6 reasons why to hire us


We have more then 7 years experience with Amazon and more then 10 years experience in the e-commerce field. It took us so many projects and years to obtain the level of knowledge that we have and we do not .


We work in specific area and we have learned the ins and outs of this specialty and become subject matter experts. If your project is something brand new to you, you better hire a consultant - no need to become an expert yourself or to hire a new employee.

Cost effective

Looking at long term perspective, hiring us will be more cost effective then hiring an employee and paying salaries, benefits, insurance and other additional costs. Moreover, you hire us for certain period of time and you don't need to invest on training us.

Easy to work with

We always try to be unbiased and objective as during the years we have proved this is the right way. We never over-promise and always put forward the facts, whether they are good or bad.​

"Out of the box" thinking

We don't work within your company and we are not aware with your structures and internal policies. That gives us the advantage to look "out of the box" and present you a different point of view of your issues and obstacles.

Open minded

Often, during fulfilling our tasks, it happens that we see more issues needed to be done then a company realizes. We are aware of trends and customer expectations and we can inform you on the benefits of implementing those changes in addition to the other tasks that we have.

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